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Poladroid for iPhone rejected by APPLE

After 2 rejects from AppStore, I decided to give up the POLADROID for iPhone release.

The situation is incredible : APPLE doesn't accept POLADROID in the AppStore.
According to APPLE, POLADROID ressembles (too much) or produces POLAROID effects so realistic.
Modifications claimed by APPLE are too heavy : he asks me to modify the frame and the graphic treatment. (sic !)

APPLE reply :
../.. your application named POLADROID appears to include features that associate with POLAROID or resemble Polariod photographs. Polaroid has previously objected to other applications that include such features and believes that they infringe its rights.

POLADROID will be too much efficient ?

But, curiously, several POLAROID-Like softwares (and copies of POLADROID !!!) are already present into the AppStore. The last one was validated the 14th of April. I am not able to understand.

I'm so sorry but it seems that POLADROID for iPhone would only remain a beautiful dream.

French version
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