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Justin Timberlake, official fan of Poladroid

Do you know that Justin Timberlake is a Poladroid user ? Look at one of his Poladroids :

He's talking about it on his own blog and on his [ more... ]


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POLADROID 0.9.6r0 for Windows and Mac

A new release with no time limitation is available now.
That release adds new improvements and fixes some bugs :
- [FIXED] now, pictures are really shown in 400dpi. The last release has lost that feature.
- [FIXED] bad mask (black border) on the frame is now fixed.
- [IMPROV] new JPEG exporter. Faster a...
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Expired version : a new version will be ready today

Hi everybody.
A new version will be ready today and will replace the last one.
Please be patient.
Old bugs will be fixed also.

Tip : if you want to use it again, change the date to 2 or 3 days before
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Poladroid for iPhone rejected by APPLE

After 2 rejects from AppStore, I decided to give up the POLADROID for iPhone release.

The situation is incredible : APPLE doesn't accept POLADROID in the AppStore....
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Some Poladroid numbers

After 5 months :
- more than 1,000,000 downloads on Poladroid.net server only.
- more than 111 videos talking about "Poladroid"
- almost 10,000 members on "Be Poladroid!" Flickr Group and 35,000 pictures
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Some publishing of Poladroid through the world

I received yesterday a sample of WINDOWS 100% japan magazine.
Look at the article ! Poladroid is also inside the DVD-ROM....
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VIDEO-Poladroid at the Berkeley Journalism TV Show

Alba Mora - journalist at Berkeley - has realeased a video about THE DEATH AND RE-BIRTH OF POLAROID for the Berkeley Journalism TV Show on February the 6th, 2009...
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New Webserver, more powerful...

I'm very glad to announce you that POLADROID.net - suddenly - migrated today on a new powerful WEBSERVER....
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Thanks a lot for all donators

I wanted to thank all Poladroid donators (Paypal donation).
Please take a look on that greetings page and discover them.
Thanks for them.

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0.9.5r5 New Poladroid Update

This new release fixes two bugs on MAC and PC :
- for new Poladroid Users, the first launching could not work correctly. It was a preferences issue. (sorry)
- Stripes effects on Paper was broken on 0.9.5r4 only. It works fine now. ...
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Poladroid updates...

Merry Christmas Poladroid Users !

I propose you a little update for Mac OS X release and the first public beta release for WINDOWS....
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Alpha release for POLADROID PC :)

Hi POLADROID community
I'm happy to announce you that the first release of POLADROID for WINDOWS is almost ready (version 9.5.r3, the same as Mac version).
If you want to help me, I propose to register you into the support area. A new forum will be created specially to report bug...
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Crazy numbers

In just 4 weeks :
- more 390 000 uniques visitors
- more 300 000 downloads that morning (impossible to know exactly, just an estimation)
- more 450 great comments on my website
- near 250 000 web links on GOOGLE and 1.7 millions on Yahoo (??)
- 30,810 blogs talking about Poladroid throughout the world ...
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My inch is famous !

I realized these last days that my fingerprint (my inch) is now known throughout the whole world...
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Windows version's coming and more...

Hi everybody and welcome on the new Poladroid Blog.
Well, what's up about "Windows Poladroid version" ?
First of all, know that I'm working hard to develop this famous PC version.
But please : stop to ask me everyday when...
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