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1 - Where are saved my pictures by default ?

On Macintosh, pictures (Poladroid) are saved into the "Pictures" folder.
On Windows, pictures are saved into the "My Pictures" folder from the current user. (go to "Shared Documents")
You can modify the destination folder from "preferences..." (Mac) or "Settings..." (Windows) menu.

2 - Can I crop picture ?

No, it can't. For the moment, Poladroid doesn't allow for cropping pictures.

3 - How to disable Finger Print ?

Open "Preferences" or "Settings" window, select "Post-Processing" tab panel and uncheck "Stripes effects".

4 - Error code 2755 on Windows at Installation lauching...

Some users have encounter a 2755 Error Code during the installation.
Please consult the Support Forum. It's not a POLADROID error but a MSI error (Microsoft Installer).
I try to fix that problem as soon as possible.

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